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        Company Culture


        · 1. Philosophy: How big is the heart and how big the stage is.

        · 2. the company mission: for the military capacity to increase brightness, service for the workplace.

        · 3. corporate vision: build China's famous brand, the achievements of a hundred years of infrastructure.

        · 4. Corporate objectives: To build a first-class R&D and production base for business wear and equipment in East China.

        · 5. corporate values: mutual benefit and win-win, sharing with Tongchuang.

        · 6. the spirit of enterprise: hard work ahead, pioneering and innovative, the pursuit of excellence, bravely climb the peak.

        · 7. corporate style: continuous learning, continuous improvement, continuous innovation, continuous improvement.

        · 8. Features:  Particularly able to endure hardship, especially able to fight,  especially able to work hard, especially able to give.

        · 9. the team concept: to work together, and work together.

        · Grow in learning
        · Development in innovation