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        Company Introduction


        Nanjing Jihua No.5302 Garments and Outfit Co., Ltd is named as the Chinese People’s Armed Police Force 5302 factory before,built in 1997,It is a security service enterprise which invested and built by the logistics department of the Armed Police Headquarters,it is relegated to the Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Group Co.,Ltd (now named as Xinxing Cathay International Group Co.,Ltd) which is belong to the State-owned Asset of the State Council by the Armed Police Force in January 2003,it is managed by Jihua Light Industry Group Co.,Ltd (now named as Jihua Group orporation Limited) in June 2006,it is restructured to Nanjing Jihua No.5302 Garments and Outfit Co., Ltd in March 2007.Jihua Group Corporation Limited which is one of the world’s top 500 companies. It is the military company approved by the Chinese government. The main products are clothing,uniform, hap,leather shoe and boot, backpack, raincoat, tent,bullet-proof vest,bullet-proof helmet,anti-bomb lanket,anti-stab garment,ballistic shield and others.

        Nanjing Jihua No.5302 Garments and Outfit Co., Ltd is located at No.209 middle puzhu road,pukou district,Nanjing city,Jiangsu province,China.It cover an area of 109 mu,The total construction area is 50,000 square meters.There are the new product development department , the technology department,the quality control department ,10 lines for garment production, 6 lines for boot production,4 lines for logistical equipment production and 1 physical and chemical testing center in campany.there are more than 2,600 employees in campany,with more than 210 managers with middle and senior professional technical titles for campany. There are more patents for Armed police uniform and outfit product,we are participant of technical standard for China Armed police
        uniform,boot,and outfit product,and are equipment support unit for China parade and major activities,and we are high-tech enterprise.

        Nanjing Jihua No.5302 Garments and Outfit Co., Ltd is researh and development and production base for militay equipment,It is the core supplier for the China Army and Armed Police units for military supplies and equipment.The campany provide military and logistical equipment products to more than 20 countries across the world. The company provides uniform,bootwear,logistical
        equipment and other products to many countries.and it is known as the "military equipment support steel backbone” of the Chinese Army. It is a major procurement and processing base for the international military and logistical equipment products market.

        Nanjing Jihua No.5302 Garments and Outfit Co., Ltd is researh and development and production base for industry uniform and shoe industry research and development production base for China government units,It is the supplier for China railway,China post respectively,China industrial and commerce,China administrative law enforcement,China mobile,Bank of China,the subway and other .